Four Ways To Detect An Unqualified San Antonio Injury Claims Lawyer

Trying to find a qualified San Antonio injury claims solicitor is not as simple as it might sound. With all of the options that are out there, it’s rather easy to get roped into doing business with the wrong one. In case you need help on your search, here are four ways to detect a bad solicitor when you encounter one.

You should always seek a lawyer who is a member of the local bar association to ensure they are qualified.

They Do Not Specialize In Injury Claims

This is probably one of the main reasons to refuse to work with a San Antonio injury attorney. If someone claims to be an expert in this arena, they should specialize in this area of law. It should not be one of many things they have listed on their resume. While there is no guarantee that a specialty lawyer will ensure a positive outcome, it is certainly more likely.

You Cannot Get The Lawyer On The Phone

When you are trying to schedule a consult with a solicitor, it may take a couple of calls before you are able to get them on the phone. While this is fine, you should not play phone tag with them for an extended period. Solicitors are busy people and they often have a great deal on their plates, but this does not mean that you should be on the phone endlessly trying to schedule a meeting with them.

Exaggeration Is Encouraged

If you have mild to moderate injuries, you should not work with a solicitor that will encourage you to make things seem more serious than they are. Sure, you want to do well and end up on the winning side of your case, but it should not happen at the expense of your honesty. Any attorney  who tells you that exaggeration is necessary is unscrupulous and you should be waryy about working with them.

Their Legal Fee Schedule Is Never Explained

How much of a retainer will you be required to pay? Will you be allowed to pay them after the case has concluded or is payment expected up front? These are a couple of the questions that should be answered before you sign on the dotted line. If you notice a solicitor is avoiding these queries and leaving things up in the air, you should be concerned. It is always better to deal with someone who is open and honest about the compensation they will be expecting.

If you run into a lawyer that displays any of the following signs, you should do yourself a favor and lose their number. It is clear that they are not the best option and you should continue your search.

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